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Coronavirus News: New Yorker Hotel housing frontline medical workers using Footwear Sanitizing Stations

According to study, over 75% of people carry deadly pathogens on the soles of their shoes

John Bolte from PathO3Gen Solutions discusses the development of footwear sanitizing stations

Evaluation of Hospital Floors as a Potential Source of Pathogen Dissemination Using a Nonpathogenic Virus as a Surrogate Marker

CDC Study Shows COVID-19 Spreads Through Footwear

Coronavirus can survive on shoes for up to 5 days, experts warn. 

Bacteria on the Soles of Patient-Issued Nonskid Slipper Socks: An Overlooked Pathogen Spread Threat?

You Can Get Sick From Germs on Hospital Floors

C. diff Travels on the Soles of our Shoes

Shoe sanitizing station fights bacteria in hospitals

Can a device that sanitizes shoes help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Hotels become barracks for health workers ‘going to war’

Are floors an underappreciated risk of pathogen dissemination?

Patient shoe covers: Transferring bacteria from the floor onto surgical bedsheets

Bay Area Company Focusing on Shoe Sanitation

Shoe Sole and Floor Contamination: A New Consideration in the Environmental Hygiene Challenge for Hospitals

PathO3Gen Solutions shoe sanitizing stations put to work at Florida hospital


PathO3Gen Is Taking a Step In The Right Direction To Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIS)

Kills Up to 99.999% of Pathogens in Seconds

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