Regulatory agencies are consistently setting new standards for how medical marijuana, hemp, and CBD products must be tested before being sold at dispensaries. While there can be a lot of confusion about which sets of rules to follow in order to be compliant, one thing is clear – controlling the spread of harmful pathogens is essential to preserve the usability of your products. 

Often these pathogens are being carried into the facility on the soles of worker’s shoes and proper sanitation procedures must be implemented to limit the spread of diseases. Some of the key factors towards maintaining a clean, sanitary environment is washing your hands, changing into appropriate attire, and disinfecting your shoes. 

Our Footwear Sanitizing Station is a complementary addition to your current sanitation protocol and meets all NSF sanitation standards for footwear.

This technology can also help you pass TYM, TAC, and BTGN testing, to ensure your products are safe and get into dispensary shelves.

Our focus is prevention, not treatment.

We’re passionate about saving lives and, through hard work, determination, and world-class technology, our dream has become a reality.

Generally, while it is difficult to maintain a truly sterile environment, studies show that the floors are a significant source of dangerous pathogens and that limiting these pathogens through proper shoe sanitizing protocols can greatly reduce the spread of harmful diseases (Koganti, 2016). 

The PathO3Gen Solutions Footwear Sanitizing Station has undergone rigorous laboratory and clinical testing for efficacy. Our technology works and we can prove it. Schedule a demo today and experience the Footwear Sanitizing Station for yourself.


  • NSF Laboratory Tested

  • Clinically Proven Results (Dao, 2017)


  • UL certified
  • ISO certified manufacturer

  • Made in the USA

Ease of use

  • Plug & Play functioning

  • Simply Step on & Step off

  • Requires no additional staff

  • Starts working immediately

Kills Up to 99.999% of Pathogens in Seconds