Clean rooms

Cleanrooms are extremely controlled environments where adequate temperature, humidity, pressure, and cleanliness are essential factors.  Virtually every industry such as manufacturing, medical, and scientific research laboratories have cleanrooms as a central part of their protocol.

Companies are responsible for establishing proper procedures that control and limit the amounts of contaminants present within the cleanroom environment, while these protocols depend largely on the classification of the cleanroom, they all have the need for sterility in common. 

From air purification systems, specific cleaning procedures, and other measures, Patho³gen Solutions shoe disinfection technology is the perfect complementary solution to help control contamination levels of shoe-borne pathogens. In most circumstances, lab booties aren’t enough, and for better and scientifically proven levels of sanitation, the shoe sanitizer is ideal.

Pharmacist wearing white lab coat in cleanroom

Typically, cleanrooms are audited multiple times a year, planned or unplanned, which means that cleanliness needs to be consistently upheld all year long.

While it is difficult to keep a truly sterile environment, studies show that the floors are a significant source of dangerous pathogens and that limiting these pathogens through proper shoe sanitizing protocols can greatly reduce the spread of harmful diseases (Koganti, 2016).

The PathO₃Gen Solutions shoe sanitizer has undergone rigorous laboratory and clinical testing for efficacy. Our technology works and we can prove it.

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  • NSF Laboratory Tested

  • Clinically Proven Results (Dao, 2017)


  • UL certified
  • ISO certified manufacturer

  • Made in the USA

Ease of use

  • Plug & Play functioning

  • Simply Step on & Step off

  • Requires no additional staff

  • Starts working immediately

110x More Effective Than UVC Light in Just 8 Seconds. 

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