Control The Spread of Healthcare Associated Infections With Shoe Disinfection Technology

110x More Effective Than UV light in just 8 Seconds.

The UVZone Advantage

Ozone + UVC light is 110 times more effective than UVC light alone. 

Our shoes gather and carry millions of pathogens. This is how deadly infections enter and spread into hospitals, nursing homes, and cleanrooms. Our UVZone Ozone + UVC shoe sanitizer has been proven to eliminate Coronavirus, MRSA, Cdiff, Ecoli, Candida Auris, Staphylococcus Aureus, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, and other similar pathogens in 8 seconds. 

Before UVZone








After UVZone








 Our UVZone shoe disinfection technology protects the perimeter and critical spaces, reducing the spread of infections (HAIS) and flattening the curve.

Our Client Experience

“We have updated our HAI rate graphs and the reduction that we’ve seen since Feb 2019 (PathO3Gen Solutions UVZone shoe disinfection technology implementation date) is 53% through March 2020.  We have always had a lower than expected HAI rate at our facility. However, since the inception of the PathO3Gen Solutions UVZone shoe disinfection technology and other infection control measures, we have reduced our rate by 53%.”

– Debi Martoccio
Chief Operating Officer of AdventHealth Connerton

“We at Clear Choice Health Care, LLC (Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living) believe so strongly in the PathO3Gen Solutions Ozone+UVC disinfection technology that I recommended all 11 of the facilities we manage implement PathO3Gen Solutions’ UVZone Shoe Sanitizing Stations to ensure that each facility was doing all they could to provide a visible sign of safety, and maintain cleaner environments. Being the first in Florida to create an All-Covid facility (Dolphin Point Healthcare), I was excited to find this new technology to help stop the spread of pathogens, including coronavirus.”

– Geoff Fraser
Senior Vice President Of Operations And Marketing

“With the CDC recommendation that all persons disinfect shoe soles before walking out of areas with COVID-19 patients, obtaining the best form of protection with PathO3Gen Solutions UVZone shoe sanitizing station, for our staff and patients was a priority for Gaylord. We are appreciative to the Greater New Haven COVID-19 Community Fund for making this a reality.”

– Dr. Stephen Holland
Chief Medical Officer of Gaylord Specialty Healthcare

“We at Christian Care Centers of Memphis are doing everything we can to keep people safe, so we really appreciate this new Ozone+UVC technology. Since we’ve implemented the PathO3Gen Solutions’ UVZone shoe sanitizing station, it has become quite a conversation piece. Everyone that comes in wants to know what this is – they’ve never seen one before. The UVZone shoe sanitizing station is helping family members and staff feel safer. We are very glad to have it.”

– Jason Murphy
Administrator, Christian Care Centers of Memphis

Kills Up to 99.999% of Pathogens in Seconds

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