"Efficacy of Ozone + UVC shoe disinfection technology at 6,8, and 10 seconds against commonly occurring pathogenic microorganisms"

Tested by: Jesse D. Miller, Ph.D., S. Hatt, NSF International Laboratories, Ann Arbor, Michigan 2019

UVZone 3rd Party Lab Studies


NSF International Laboratories
Efficacy of Ozone + UVC shoe disinfection technology at 6, 8, and 10 seconds against
commonly occurring pathogenic microorganisms

MICROCHEM Laboratory
Antibacterial Activity and Efficacy of PathO3Gen Solutions’ UVZone Shoe Sanitizing

CREM Co Labs
Assessment of PathO3Gen Solutions Ozone + UVC (UVZone) Shoe Sanitizing Station for Decontaminating Hard, Non-Porous Environmental Surfaces: Testing against Murine Norovirus (Strain S99) as a representative Healthcare Associated Pathogen

CREM Co Labs
NSF International Assessment of PathO3Gen Solutions® Footwear Sanitizing Station for Decontaminating Hard,Non-Porous Environmental Surfaces: Testing against Human Respiratory Coronavirus 229E (ATCC VR-740) as a representative Healthcare-Associated Pathogen

University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Inactivation of PRRSV and PEDV by UVZone Shoe Sanitizing Station

Supporting Studies


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Evaluation of Salmonella presence in selected
United States feed mills

The Survival of Bacteria in Dust

University of South Florida study: over 75% of people carry deadly pathogens on the soles of their shoes

Evaluation of Hospital Floors as a Potential Source of Pathogen Dissemination Using a Non-pathogenic Virus as a Surrogate Marker

CDC Study Shows COVID-19 Spreads Through Footwear

Bacteria on the Soles of Patient-Issued Nonskid Slipper Socks: An Overlooked Pathogen Spread Threat?

Patient shoe covers: Transferring bacteria from the floor onto surgical bedsheets

White Papers


The Five Pillars Of Safety In Healthcare Appendix PathO3Gen Solutions™

GBAC InfectionControl.tips
Efficacy of Ultraviolet Light Coupled with Ozone as a Germicidal Against Eight Healthcare Associated Environmental Pathogens White Paper

Trade Publications


Are floors an underappreciated risk of pathogen dissemination?

Shoe Sole and Floor Contamination: A New Consideration in the Environmental Hygiene Challenge for Hospitals

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