With Healthcare-Associated Infections and Drug-Resistant Infections on the rise, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Assisted Living Facilities, and other Healthcare Facilities are utilizing UVZone® technology to protect the perimeter around critical patients and areas.

The CDC estimates that 1 in 25 patients admitted into a hospital contracts a Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI). On average, a single HAI costs ~$22,000 + 19.2 days per HAI. Our UVC + ozone technology eliminates up to 99.999% of the dangerous pathogens that are carried on footwear.

UVZone® Shoe Sanitizing Station has been proven to eliminate these and other common HAI-causing microbes in just 8 seconds. 



We are proud to deliver powerful, eco-friendly, and effective shoe disinfection solutions to many agricultural sectors, including: Swine, Bovine and Poultry.

UVZone is the first and only multi-patented UVC + Ozone disinfection technology that eliminates up to 99.999% of the most harmful pathogenic microorganisms including PRRSV and PEDV, E.coli, C. diff, MRSA, Candida auris, and Human coronavirus, from shoe and boot soles in seconds.

 UVZone creates a very real line of separation between “dirty” and “clean” zones and has been proven to not only reduce overall bioburden but also improve overall biosecurity compliance in facilities where it is used.


We offer shoe disinfection solutions for Food & Beverage, Pharma and Cannabis Processing, Manufacturing and Packaging.

A single product recall costs a food company, on average, 10 million dollars in direct costs, according to the Food Marketing Institute.

Each person entering your facility introduces over 800,000 microbes to the environment via their shoes.  

Protecting your product, facility, and workers is more important than ever – and so is ensuring that you are using safe, efficient, and proven equipment.

Industry-leading kill rates in just 6-10 seconds.

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