9 Reasons Every Business Should Install Sanitizing Stations

9 Reasons Every Business Should Install Sanitizing Stations

According to reports, the majority of people worry about a loved one contracting COVID-19. This fear is not unjustified.

Nearly one-quarter of the US population could be considered high risk when it comes to COVID-19 infection. With COVID-19 being one of the most infectious diseases we have ever battled with, business owners have to implement strict sanitization protocols to protect their workers, clients, and revenue.

However, many of the disinfection methods used by businesses aren’t always as thorough as they should be. Fortunately, there are some solutions out there that are proven to stop germs in their tracks.

One way you can ensure your business is keeping germs at the door is by installing shoe sanitization stations.

Sanitization stations significantly reduce germ spread. They are also easy to install and use. Does this sound like the solution your business needs?

If so, read on to find out 9 reasons why every business should install shoe sanitizing stations.

1. Shoes Are a Big Factor in Germ Spread

For most of the pandemic, hands and surfaces we touch have been the main focus for sterilization.

While hand and surface sterilization and are vital, floors should be kept as germ-free as possible, as they are notoriously germ-ridden.

Of course, cleaning your business premises floors every couple of hours is not usually feasible. Fortunately, it’s also not necessary if you install shoe sanitization stations.

According to reports, hospital floors are teeming with bacteria and superbugs. Thanks to the pandemic, business premises floors aren’t likely that much better at the moment.

Research and expert insights have revealed that COVID-19 and other germs can be brought into buildings on people’s shoes.This makes a lot of sense, considering that COVID-19 is spread through respiratory droplets. Where do these droplets land? Mostly on the ground.After landing on the ground, if walked on, these droplets can then infect people’s shoes. From here, they can be tracked into buildings and rooms.

The easiest way to prevent this is to ensure that all who enter your business disinfect their shoes at a sanitization station.

2. Without Sanitization Stations, Your Whole Building Can Quickly Become Contaminated

As we just mentioned, if you install a sanitization station at the entrance to your business, you can effectively eliminate incoming shoe-born germs. This means that your business floors will stay a lot more sanitary.

However, if you fail to address shoe-born germs at the door, they can be tracked all over your premises. From here, they pose a contamination risk for anybody who has to touch objects that come into contact with the floor.

For instance, say a customer puts their handbag down on the floor next to their chair. If there are germs present on the floor, these could potentially transfer to the bag and then to their hands.

3. Shoe Sanitization Stations Are Highly Effective at Eliminating Germs

One of the biggest reasons why all businesses should install sanitization stations is that they are highly effective.

Our units combine two technologies, Ozone and UVC light. UVC light is known for its germ-killing abilities. However, here at PathO3Gen, we have gone one step further and incorporated Ozone technology into our units.

The result? Through extensive testing and research, we found that the combination of Ozone and UVC light yields results that are roughly 110 times more effective than UVC light alone.

With a disinfection rate of over 99.9% in six seconds for most pathogens—shoe sterilization doesn’t get quicker and more effective than this.

4. Eight Seconds Is All You Need

Not only are shoe disinfection stations effective, but they are also quick and easy to use. Ozone and UV disinfection stations only require users to maintain contact for 8 seconds for thorough sterilization.

All users have to do is step onto the stations and remain for the required eight seconds.

Because Ozone and UVC stations are fast and simple to use, they won’t disrupt your entrance or lobby. They won’t waste employee time or frustrate customers. However, they will provide effective sterilization.

5. Shoe Sanitization Stations Offer On-Going Protection

All business owners should look at investing in Ozone and UV disinfection to reduce microbe spread because it offers permanent protection.

Cleaning, office sterilizations, and hand sterilization all require ongoing inputs. Whether this is buying sanitizer refills, new cleaning supplies, or calling in fumigation companies, you will need to spend money on these areas on an ongoing basis.

With sanitizing stations, on the other hand, you only need to make a once-off investment. After you have installed your shoe sanitization stations, they will continue to operate, free of inputs for years to come. This makes them a cost-effective investment for any business.

6. Fewer Germs Means Less Business Downtime

While it is our moral duty to combat viral spreads, it’s also a good business decision. Besides impacting the lives of your employees and customers, infections can also impact your bottom line.

Reports show that the common cold costs companies as much as $21 billion in lost productivity during one flu season alone.

What’s more, if you have a COVID-19 infection on your premises, the cost of this is even more severe. Depending on the current guidelines, you may need to close completely for a certain period. In other situations, a large portion of your staff may need to self-isolate.

In both of these situations, your business will be facing lost productivity and lost revenue. As the pandemic’s early days showed only too clearly, most businesses can not afford to pay rents and overheads while operations stall.

By installing Ozone and UVC stations, you can decrease the likelihood of infections occurring at your business and all the risks that go along with it.

7. Super Bugs Are Here to Stay

While nobody knows how the current pandemic will play itself out, what is certain is that superbugs are here to stay.

Reports are showing that the coronavirus is not an outlier but rather part of a pattern of future epidemics. Thanks to improper antibiotic use, urbanization, interconnectedness,, the world is likely to continue seeing new and virulent viral spreads.

History has already shown this as a trend, with the incidence of infectious disease events documented to have doubled from 1940 to 1960 alone. More recent history has corroborated this, but numerous new infections raised their heads, such as the SARS virus, BSE disease, bird flu, and now COVID-19.

Although this might sound like a daunting outlook, the key to weathering new viral threats is to be prepared. Investing in Ozone and UVC stations is one way to prepare your business and effectively reduce microbe spread, whether that be of COVID-19, the common flu, or a new superbug.

8. It Shows You Care

As a business owner, you must show to staff and clients that you care about their wellbeing and are committing to acting ethically.

Installing shoe sanitizing stations indicate to both customers and employees that you’re committed to safeguarding their health. Customers might not see all the behind the scenes cleaning that goes on at your business. But they will definitely notice if you invest in Ozone and UVC disinfection technology.

Seeing you taking proactive protection measures can make customers feel cared for and spark their trust.

9. Effective Sanitizing Can Garner You More Business

Besides establishing trust, installing measures like sanitizing stations can win you more business.

As already mentioned, a large percentage of people are very concerned about spreading the COVID-19 virus. If clients see you are doing everything possible to ensure their safety, they may be more likely to visit your premises than a competitor taking less thorough measures.

Shoe sterilization doesn’t get more thorough than if you do it with a combination of UVC and Ozone!

Play Your Part in Reducing the Spread

Never has sterilization taken on such importance for business owners. However, thanks to the arrival of COVID-19, it is now of top priority for businesses that wish to remain open and in operation.

Unfortunately, a lot of sterilization measures are hit and miss, time-intensive, and costly.

Not so with shoe sterilization stations. This is one sanitization solution that is plug-and-play. Once you install shoe sterilization stations in your business, you can rest assured that floor borne bacteria and viruses aren’t let in the door.

If you consider installing shoe sanitation stations on your premises, PathO3gen’s ozone and UVC stations are the most effective option on the market. With 110% more effective results than stand-alone UVC technology, the Ozone and UVC combo is the only option for true disinfection and reliable control of microbes.

If you would like to leverage the effective protection of PathO3Gen’s Ozone and UVC stations in your business, contact us to get a quote.

Curious to know how our shoe disinfection stations work? Want to see them in action? If so, you can also schedule a free virtual demo.


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July 26, 2021