5 Incredible Medical Innovations of 2021

5 Incredible Medical Innovations of 2021

Medicine is constantly advancing – creating solutions and cures to diseases long thought to be incurable. So much research is being done globally – resulting in some pretty amazing innovations. Here are 5 medical innovations from 2021 that you might not have heard about.


1. Pharmacists predict that within 6 months, there will be a major breakthrough in Alzheimer’s disease treatment. This new medicine would drastically improve symptoms associated with this common form of dementia.

New research into what triggers the formation of certain kinds of amyloid plaques in the brain show promise. Not only could these plaques possibly be prevented, but this new medication could even help repair some of the damage caused by previous plaque formations.


2. Diabetes is a huge problem in developing countries, especially India where over 70 million people have diabetes or are at high risk for developing it. However, an Indian company has released a medicine that helps the body produce insulin again.  This medicine, which was created using stem cell technology, can be produced for less than $1.50 per unit and is capable of treating diabetes in both Type 1 and Type 2 patients.


3. Chagas disease may soon become curable with an injection given every six months. The injections, which contain parasitic proteins that attack the parasite, can treat an infection if given early enough and continue to keep patients Chagas free for years after infection.  There are currently no approved medications in the US for this disease, but clinical trials are underway.


4. A simpler way of giving vaccines is expected to be released in 2021.  Using mimivirus particles, researchers have found a way to attach different antigens to the outer shell of these viruses.  This would allow for simpler production of vaccines but still trigger the immune system’s response without needing an adjuvant or preservative.


5. Lastly, much research is being done into heart disease treatments.  A new treatment is expected to be released that will introduce nanoparticles into the bloodstream that will attach to LDL cholesterol particles and escort them out of the body without damaging blood vessels along the way.  This could revolutionize cardiovascular care for people with high cholesterol.


These medical innovations have the potential to change chronic diseases forever and now more than ever we have the opportunity to leverage science and technology to improve the lives of millions. Many more innovations are on their way as we embrace technology to help us live healthier lives!


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November 10, 2021