How UVZOne Shoe Disinfection Creates a Safer, Healthier Production Environment

How UVZOne Shoe Disinfection Creates a Safer, Healthier Production Environment

At Patho3gen Solutions, we know that nothing is more important than keeping your employees safe, healthy, and productive. That’s why we highly recommend installing UVZOne shoe disinfecting systems at all entrances and transition areas in your production facilities.

UVZOne shoe disinfection stops germs and contaminants at the door before they can enter your workplace. Their advanced UV-C technology eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from footwear in just seconds. Deploying UVZOne units at access points creates a critical line of defense against illness and injury.

We’ve seen UVZOne shoe disinfection generate dramatic results across many industries. Transmission of pathogens like flu, norovirus, and MRSA can be reduced by up to 90% when UVZOne systems are fully implemented. Slips and falls from liquids or oils brought in on shoes are also greatly decreased. With fewer germs circulating in the air and on surfaces, respiratory issues and sick days decline as well.

The automated operation and advanced safety features of UVZOne machines make compliance simple while preventing unnecessary UV exposure. By taking proactive steps to safeguard worker well-being with UVZOne shoe disinfection, you promote a strong culture of health and safety.

The Dangers of Contamination in Production Facilities

As experienced leaders in industrial hygiene, we’ve seen firsthand how illness and injury from contamination can devastate a workplace. Each year, millions of working hours are lost to sick days and medical visits. Slips, falls, and lung issues from germs and hazardous materials lead to untold harm. This is especially dangerous in production settings where tight quarters can accelerate the spread of germs and compromise air quality.

Contaminants brought in on shoes are a major vector of transmission. Here are some of the top concerns:

  • Bacteria and Viruses: The average shoe carries hundreds of thousands of pathogens like E.coli, salmonella, norovirus, and coronavirus that can spread infection through contact.
  • Soils and Liquids: Oils, solvents, water, and mud easily get tracked in on shoes, creating slip and fall hazards.
  • Grime and Dust: Work boots bring in gravel, asbestos, chemicals, and more that impact air quality and surfaces.
  • Skin and Hair: Dead skin and hair carry allergens and bacteria that circulate through shedding.

This contamination gets spread across floors, machinery, common areas, and inventory when introduced via shoes. Workers are then constantly exposed, leading to heightened infection rates, respiratory issues, and injuries.

Fortunately, UVZOne shoe disinfection provides a proven solution. Using lab-tested UV-C technology, these automated units eliminate 99.9% of germs and contaminants from footwear in just seconds. Deploying UVZOne systems at facility access points prevents contamination from ever entering your plant.

The Convenience and Safety of UVZOne Units

UVZOne machines are designed to be safe, automated, and hassle-free. They incorporate numerous features that encourage consistent disinfection while preventing unnecessary UV exposure:

  • Motion Sensors – Advanced sensors detect when feet enter the unit and automatically activate the disinfecting cycle. No switches or buttons are needed.
  • Safety Interlocks – Doors securely close during the cycle and cannot open until disinfection is complete, preventing UV exposure.
  • Timer Controls – The disinfecting cycle runs for precisely the needed time and then shuts off automatically.
  • Indicator Lights – Green and red lights clearly show the disinfection status and when it is safe to exit.
  • Filtered Venting – Any residual air inside is filtered before being vented to capture microparticles.
  • Rugged Build – Durable steel construction and finish to withstand tough industrial environments.
  • Minimal Maintenance – Low maintenance needs aside from occasional bulb replacement.

These features allow the UVZOne shoe disinfection process to happen seamlessly each time. Employees simply walk through and let the automated units do the work, receiving peace of mind that their shoes are contaminant-free. UVZOne machines both maximize disinfection results while minimizing any operational hassles.

Get Started with UVZOne for Safer Production Facilities

The health and safety of your team should always be the top priority. UVZOne’s automated shoe disinfection systems provide a proven way to significantly reduce illness and injury from contamination. Their UV-C technology kills 99.9% of germs and hazards from footwear in just seconds.

Deploying UVZOne units at access points, transitions, and common areas helps create cleaner air and surfaces for your staff. This proactive protection supports better attendance, productivity, and morale. Your employees are your most valuable asset – investing in their well-being through advanced disinfection like UVZOne pays dividends across your operation.

To learn more about outfitting your production facilities with UVZOne systems, call (727) 300-1069 today. Our local specialists are ready to provide recommendations and quotes tailored to your unique needs. Let’s work together to make your plant as safe and healthy as possible.

Key Takeaways

  • Contamination brought in on shoes causes illness, injury, and hazards for production facility employees
  • UVZOne shoe disinfection stops threats before they enter by killing 99.9% of germs and contaminants
  • Automated UVZOne units use lab-tested UV-C light to disinfect shoes in seconds
  • Deploying at entrances, transitions, and common areas maximizes benefits
  • Employees stay healthier through proactive protection from pathogens and pollution
  • Facility safety and productivity increase by reducing risks and absenteeism
  • Simple, automated operation prevents unnecessary UV exposure during disinfection
  • Advanced safety features make compliance seamless for staff to build a culture of prevention


Q: How does UVZOne shoe disinfection work?

A: UVZOne machines utilize powerful yet controlled UV-C light to eliminate pathogens and contaminants. The specific UV wavelength, intensity, and duration have been calibrated through extensive lab testing to kill 99.9% of dangerous germs and substances from shoe surfaces in just 8 seconds without causing damage. Advanced reflectors multiply the UV impact. The automated process provides consistent and highly effective disinfection each time.

Q: Where should UVZOne units be installed in a facility?

A: For optimal protection, UVZOne machines should be installed at any high-traffic location where workers transition and could track contamination. This includes all entrances to prevent outside germs and pollutants from entering. Additional units at locker room exits, production floor access points, break rooms, and other common areas help prevent cross-contamination. The strategic placement allows UVZOne systems to create cleaner zones throughout your facility.

Q: Is UV exposure from the UVZOne machines safe for employees?

A: Absolutely. UVZOne machines have multiple integrated safety features to prevent any hazardous UV exposure. These include motion sensors to detect feet and automatically activate the cycle; safety interlocks that secure the doors during disinfection; automated shut-offs after the cycle completes; and indicator lights that verify when it’s safe to exit. The cycle is fully enclosed. The machines also filter any¬†

residual internal air before venting to capture particles.

Q: How much maintenance is required?

A: UVZOne units are designed to be low maintenance for convenience. Typically, the UV bulbs need replacement every 12-18 months with heavy use. Occasional cleaning of the motion sensors and interior may be needed if excessive debris builds up. The machines have built-in hour meters to track usage. UVZOne provides reminder alerts when servicing is advised. Most facilities can handle basic upkeep in-house.

Q: How can we get a customized quote for our production plant?

A: Contact our team at (727) 300-1069. We’ll have an experienced UV disinfection expert assess your unique needs, measure your spaces, review traffic patterns, and recommend the optimal number and placement of units. We’ll provide a customized quote for your review along with the expected ROI on reducing contamination. Our goal is to make your facilities as safe as possible.


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January 12, 2024