How to Sanitize Shoes and Why You Should

How to Sanitize Shoes and Why You Should

How to Sanitize Shoes and Why You Should

Did you know that the average shoe sole has over 400 thousand bacteria living on it? Although that bacteria may not necessarily be harmful, it shows how much can cling to your shoes when you bring them into your home.

Have you ever wondered how to sanitize shoes so that your footwear is free of germs and odor? Here is a brief guide on how to disinfect shoes so you feel confident about your foot hygiene.

Disinfect With Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is your best friend when it comes to your shoe sanitizing station. Rubbing alcohol is efficient at getting rid of germs and bacteria on many different surfaces and is safe to use on most types of shoes.

A good rule of thumb for a shoe sanitizer spray is to use a three-to-one concoction of rubbing alcohol and water. Gently rub a damp cloth on the outside of the shoe.

If the shoes are made of cloth, you may not have to carefully rub them to eliminate germs. Rather, you can drop them in a bowl of rubbing alcohol for a half hour and let them soak.

Deodorize Stinky Shoes

Even if you know how to disinfect shoes, they can still have a distinct odor. Having stinky shoes is a classic sign that there is bacteria buildup inside of your footwear.

Baking soda is one of the most powerful agents out there for killing bad smells. Put baking soda inside of a sock, place it in the shoes, and let them sit for a day. Then, you can disinfect with rubbing alcohol as needed.

If you regularly sweat in your shoes or the stink does not get better, then you may have a condition like athlete’s foot. Visit a doctor to confirm and let your shoes air out by switching pairs regularly.

UVZone Disinfectant

The most effecient, time saving way to ensure a 99.99% kill rate on bacteria on your shoes is through UVZone disinfectant. This technology is 110 times more effective at removing germs than UV light alone.

Advantages of Disinfecting Shoes

One of the most obvious benefits of shoe sanitizer is that you will not have to worry about harboring germs in your kicks. Since bacteria reproduce rapidly, disinfecting your footwear will prevent them from spreading like wildfire.

With diseases such as coronavirus going around, it is more important than ever to ensure that your shoes are germ-free. Try to wipe down your shoes as often as you see fit to eliminate viruses and bacteria.

In addition, bacteria that produce a distinct smell can be embarrassing. If you have a shoe sanitizing station, use it when you have stinky feet and you will soon see a difference.

Learn How to Sanitize Shoes

If you want shoes free of bad smells and germs, then you should sanitize shoes regularly. With this guide, you can know how to disinfect shoes and how to sanitize shoes as well.

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August 15, 2022