Is Your Infection Control Protocol Proactive or Reactive?

Is Your Infection Control Protocol Proactive or Reactive?

If there is one thing we’ve learned throughout this pandemic, it’s how to move forward. There is no “normal” to return to. We’ve seen how important it is to be prepared and how dearly it can cost us when we are not. We must be proactive in creating safer environments for everyone.


Proactive vs. Reactive

When you consider all the options for your infection control plan, ask yourself: is this a proactive solution or a reactive solution?

Proactive solutions aim to prevent germs from entering and manage them before they have a chance to spread.  Reactive solutions attempt to fix the problem after the fact. When you implement proactive solutions, there are fewer problems to address later on.

Proactive is not synonymous with “more work”.  In fact, proactive solutions often require less work overall.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Comprehensive disinfection requires a comprehensive solution.

Everyone knows that hand and surface sanitation is important but most don’t realize they’re missing a massive vector for germ transmission – the floors.

UVZone Shoe Sanitizing Stations fit seamlessly with your existing infection control plan and can even improve compliance with your existing measures.

"UVZone stations, when strategically placed at our Canyon, TX facility, not only provide a visible sign of safety but they have helped drive measurable compliance improvements in other activities like hand washing, taking our culture of hygiene to new levels.”

Complementary Solutions

UVZone disinfection complements existing infection prevention measures.

While visitors and employees sanitize their shoes (taking only 8 seconds) they can also sanitize their hands, adjust protective gear and follow any other pre-entry requirements you put in place.

Putting UV + ozone shoe sanitizing stations at entrances prevents harmful germs from entering on shoes in the first place – allowing your other measures to more effectively target germs transmitted by other means.


Not Just Coronavirus

Though UVZone effectively eliminates Human Coronavirus, it also eliminates other pathogens (like E.coli, MRSA, Norovirus & more) up to 99.999%.

Shoe sanitation stations are used to combat a variety of germs in numerous industries, like healthcare, agriculture, food processing, and entertainment industries.

As we see the rise of Healthcare Associated infections (HAIs), shoe sanitizing stations can add an additional layer of protection to healthcare facilities.

Food processing plants and farm operations of every size can keep their plants, animals and employees safer by implementing shoe sanitation.


Ready to Take the Next Step?

PathO3Gen Solutions is dedicated to creating cleaner and safer environments for everyone.

Ozone and UVC stations are the most effective option on the market – being on average 110x more effective than UVC light alone. If you’re interested in harnessing the power of ozone and UVC to keep your business safe, you can get a quote here. 

Curious to know how our shoe disinfection stations work? Want to see them in action? If so, you can also schedule a free virtual demo.




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September 27, 2021