UVZone® Shoe Sanitizing Stations

UVZone® Shoe Sanitizing Stations

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Agricultural boots being disinfected using a shoe sanitizing station

Supporting Bio-exclusion, Bio-management, and Bio-containment in Swine Production

A producer’s success in minimizing their livestock’s exposure to disease-causing pathogens depends on bio-exclusion (avoiding the entry of a new pathogen), bio-management (controlling the level of pathogens already on the farm), and bio-containment (preventing the spread of pathogens to other farms), each of which presents its own challenge but is critical to the health of an animal facility. Typical protocols include:

  • Controlling traffic onto the site, especially from other farms.
  • Ensuring deliveries, and pickups (semen, deadstock, and garbage) occur at a proper distance from the livestock.
  • Reducing wildlife populations near livestock.

However, one critical control point, pathogens being carried into and out of livestock areas on staff clothing and footwear, is often the most difficult to manage. Individual worker’s compliance, disinfection tools in place, and the overall biosafety “culture” of the farms can vary, creating a need for additional interventions to reduce bioburden.

How can we address bio-exclusion, bio-management, and bio-containment in a way that doesn’t interfere with daily operations, require additional staff or time; and is safe, chemical and residue-free, and highly effective? PathO3Gen Solutions’ innovative, multi-patented UVC + Ozone shoe disinfection technology is a powerful tool. The UVZone® shoe sanitizing stations:

  • Inactivated, on average, >99% of PRRSV on both rubber and polyblend materials, 98.55% of PEDV on rubber soles, and >99% on polyblend materials in 6 – 8 seconds in a recent University of Minnesota study.
  • Inactivate up to 99.999% of many common disease-causing pathogens on shoe soles in ≤8 seconds.
  • Are easy to use (plug & play).
  • Require no daily maintenance or consumables.
  • Are chemical-free.
  • Are highly visible when placed at entrances and exits, encouraging staff compliance.
  • Provide more reliable disinfection and lower long-term $ cost than footbaths.
  • Do not require a “no objection” letter from USDA FSIS for use in facilities.

UVZone technology creates a very real line of separation between “dirty” and “clean” zones and has been shown to reduce overall bioburden and also improve overall biosafety compliance in facilities where it is used.


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November 30, 2022